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KwikFold at the London Bike Show 2018

One show that was on our list a top priority was the London Bike Show, and in 2018 with the launch of a new model we thought we'd head back to the bustling city of London to exhibit our unique folding bike and electric folding bikes.

Firstly we'd like to thank all dealers and customers that attended the show, and thanks for making it a huge success. Our folding bike was a huge hit on the test track and it was delightful to see customers smiles as they rode our electric folding bike round the track. The feedback we received was genuinely amazing and it was great to see people really noticing how powerful our customised motor hub is.

We'd also like to thank all bloggers and reviewers for their support, in particular Electric Bike Reviews and Ebiketips. Firstly thank you ebiketips for the amazing article and immediately noticing our unique folding design and how it would be beneficial for commuters and leisure cyclists; and thank you Electric Bike Reviews for the amazing video featuring our stand, please see the video link below:

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