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KwikFold launches its 3rd Generation fastest-folding bike on the market

KwikFold have worked hard and tirelessly perfecting their fastest folding bike, in 2018 we have launched what we believe to be the fastest folding bike on the market, read to find out how.

When KwikFold was launched we envisioned creating a bike that would revolutionise the folding bike market, with a unique effortless folding mechanism that was practical enough to fold away in one second.

The brand idea originated when the team at KwikFold, were commuting to London via Birmingham for work, having to contend with nightmarish obstacles such as train delays, congestions at stations and sprinting to arrive on time for work we set out to pioneer a stylish bike that would fold so "kwik-ly" it would earn its brand name "KwikFold".

We then began designing and manufacturing a bike with a talented engineer by the name of Sam. Who decided to add a Samsung lithium battery for pedal assist power keeping your office wear free of perspiration, and many long pain staking hours producing a practical and simplistic folding design, and launch the worlds fasting folding bike.

Since its birth in 2012 KwikFold has managed to sell vast quantities via its online shop, but now after increasing production, we are in need of the support of the indiegogo, commuting and most importantly the cyclist community more than ever.

If you wish to make your morning commute as effortless as the bikes compact folding design; have a bike that is easy to store and display in your home and work place and enjoy on a leisurely country stroll.

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