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Cyclists. They don’t always get an easy ride. The cycling gear, being the subject of other motorists’ scorn, taking up storage space, having to bring a change of clothes… the list goes on. It’s safe to say, unless you’re the medal-bearing, trophy-yielding, global sports star kind, being a cyclist isn’t the coolest thing in the world. It won’t always earn you much street cred and, sadly, can invite a lot of judgment and eye rolls.

Until the world of e-bikes.

Though sometimes looked down on as ‘lazy’ or ‘cheat cycling’ by traditional cyclists, sales of electric bikes within Europe are rising rapidly. And there is good reason for this. They’re convenient, eco-friendly, fun and trendy. Unless you are cycling for the sake of cycling, there are a lot of unwanted and impractical ‘by-products’ that come with tradition bicycle riding. A huge one that many cyclists or would-be cyclists complain about is sweat. That paranoia inducing, panic inspiring bodily fluid – sweat. Whether you’re cycling to commute, or generally getting around and spending time around others, nobody likes getting sweaty, much less have the evidence of it SEEN. It’s not only the source of great embarrassment, but great discomfort, too.

Perspiring isn’t the only factor putting people off, though. You may have thought about cycling to work or in day-to-day life, but became deterred by the inconvenience and not so trendy nature of riding a traditional bike. Dealing with changes in weather, getting a huge bike up and down all of those escalators, on the tube, on and off public transport, in lifts and securing it safely are all inconveniences you don’t want to deal with early in the morning, or after a long day. It’s not convenient and, in more ways than one, just not cool.

And here’s where our quick folding, trendy e-bikes are a real game changer. When you reach a steep incline, or find you have to pedal faster – KwikFold’s electric pedal assist takes over. And yes, that does mean NO SWEAT! There’s no need for frantic showers and changing into fresh clothes. Being able to swiftly fold up a KwikFold bike means you can hop on the tube or public transport if it suddenly starts to rain. Folding bikes are the ultimate space saver. Fold KwikFold’s bikes up in a matter of seconds and slot them easily into the back of a car or on public transport – meaning you can store them almost anywhere. Our unique folding system which allows the user to steer the folded bike while walking, means you can pretty much take our e-bikes anywhere, too. There’s no need to get hot and bothered carrying a heavy lump of metal through tricky or small spaces. You can, quite literally, just roll with it.

KwikFold’s trendy and innovative design doesn’t just invite interest from bike users wanting something more practical, convenient and easy to ride and handle. It is now inviting serious attention from hip, young millennials as well as the more mature technology lovers after the coolest new toy or gadget. And while you may be scoffing at the idea of wanting something for the sake of it being ‘cool’, this cool new gadget gets people moving and exploring. It’s a new way of not only getting around via a fun, trendy and convenient mode of travel, but it’s also an exciting and green way to explore our cities, countryside and hidden nooks and treasure troves with ease and style.

And the best thing – those judgey eye rolls and snide ‘bloody cyclist’ comments transform to envy and wonder.

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