Bikes are covered by a limited warranty. In order to activate and make a valid warranty claim, you will need to either register your bike by visiting www.kwikfold.co.uk/warranty, or to keep your purchase receipt (from any other third party sellers) as proof of purchase date.

* This must be done within 30 days of your purchase. You can not back dated your claim if you fail to do so.

The statutory warranty valid at the time of delivery applies to:

    •    Frame 3 Years

    •    Wheels 3 years

    •    Motor 1 Year

    •    Battery 1 Year 

    •    Electric wires 1Year


Warranty conditions:


If your KwikFold bicycle has a manufacturing defect, we will replace the defective part free of charge if we are notified within two years of the date of first purchase of the bicycle. 


Warranty exclusions


    •    Damage caused by improper use or force majeure

    •    All parts subject to function-related wear and tear, unless this is the result of a defect in the manufacturing process or material

    •    Damage which results from improper or insufficient care and repairs, alterations or the replacement of parts by persons other than trained professionals

    •    Accidental damage or other external effects, provided these are not the result of defective products or information

    •    Repairs resulting from the use of second-hand parts or damage caused by this use

    •    Damage resulting from competitive use

    •    Special fittings, accessories or non-standard components, especially technical modifications

    •    Observing the required service intervals is also a condition of any warranty claim you may make

The following are considered wear parts under the statutory warranty:


    •    Tyres

    •    Rims in combination with rim brakes

    •    Spokes

    •    Brake pads

    •    Chains and toothed belts

    •    Chain wheels, sprockets, bottom brackets and jockey wheels

    •    Sliding bearings/bearings

    •    Lamps for lighting system

    •    Handlebar tape/handle grips

    •    Hydraulic oils and lubricants

    •    Gear-shift cables and brake cables

    •    Paint finishes

    •    Batteries (depletion of capacity to 60% is acceptable within first two years) 



KwikFold, specialises in folding bikes and electric folding bikes in the UK and Europe.

Here at KwikFold we want to redefine the way people cycle. We want to make journeys stylish and more enjoyable, get more people riding bikes and do our part to protect the environment.


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